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The App allows you to send SMS messages direclty to your SuperOffice CRM contacts from your browser.

Send messages directly from SuperOffice and keep a log of all SMS activity.

Ever wished that you could send SMS messages directly to your contacts from your browser? For example when:

  • you want to send your contacts a quick reminder or message before a meeting or upcoming event
  • you want to tell your project members that new information is available, or a milestone is coming up
  • you want to remind you event participants in a selection about the upcoming event
  • or perhaps you want to remind customers about a campaign offer ending

With SendSMS, you can create and send text messages to SuperOffice CRM contacts quickly and at a low cost.

And since you can choose to store the messages automatically in a SuperOffice activity, you get a complete log of all your outbound customer and contact dialogue. To send an SMS with this app, simply look up contacts from companies, projects, sales or selections in your browser and send them messages with the SendSMS app. As easy as ABC.

Key features in SendSMS

  • Look up contacts in companies, projects, sales or selections
  • Send text messages to multiple contacts from the SendSMS user interface
  • Quick send to single contacts in the SuperOffice minicard
  • Define your own message templates for frequently used texts
  • Select who the sender is (your phone number, name, company name, etc.)
  • Save and store sent text messages as SuperOffice activities

Prices and terms

SendSMS has a monthly cost of NOK 49 per user per month, which will be invoiced on a yearly basis in advance. The number of users will be correlated with the number of SuperOffice users in your SuperOffice subscription. The agreement period is valid for 12 months at a time, with a notice period of 30 days.

If you have more than 100 users, please get in touch with us for terms and conditions.

In addition, a metered cost per message will incur:
Messages within Norway: NOK 0,84 per message
Messages to other countries: NOK 1,70 per message
Note that this particular app is only available for the Scandinavian market.

No mobile subscription is required to send messages from SendSMS. However, the first time you send a message from the app, you must verify your identity by entering a code we send to your mobile phone.

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